Sick of the constant battle to find and use your data? We can help!

We often get SOS calls from clients whose files have become an enormous mess across several applications, causing havoc whenever staff need to locate, edit or use a file.

Having files across various structures and applications can be very complex, inefficient, and immensely frustrating!

One of the services we offer at BB IT Solutions is helping companies to easily locate and use documentation from anywhere, using a centralised, cloud-based system, such as Microsoft’s Suite (Teams, Office, etc) that has been setup as a corporate infrastructure with the use of SharePoint.

Recently we helped a non-profit who had experienced growth and could no longer operate with multiple document libraries (created from the user-end) across Yammer, OneNote, and Planner.

While it was manageable in the beginning, finding and using their valuable data became a total nightmare as the company grew and hired more staff.

BB IT ran an IT audit on the company’s systems and recommended a migration of their collaborative data in an effective and structured manner, through the centralised SharePoint Team Site.

With a centralised library system such as SharePoint, data is stored in one location and can be found, accessed and managed from anywhere and through any of the Microsoft Suite applications. This makes access to critical data for all parties seamless and painless!

We are now at the end of the design phase and creation of the actual SharePoint structure will be quick and easy. With the new, simplified system, teaching staff how to use it will be easy too.

Everyone will be a lot more productive (and a lot less annoyed!)

This is just one of many NFP Microsoft SharePoint, Teams, Exchange setups that we have completed for charity organisations in NZ.

How can we help? Having issues with documents and data all over the place and trouble accessing what you need, when you need it?

We can help simplify your IT systems and processes. It is our passion!

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